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  Product:Dark Basic Source Codes - Snippets

      Welcome to our ever growing collection of Dark Basic source code snippets. These source codes are for fellow DB/Dbpro programmers to examine, use and modify. Perhaps even learn something new !

     Dark Basic & Dark Basic Pro are games development languages for windows computers. If you'd like to learn more about them, you can order Dark Basic or Dark Basic Pro Here.

     Please Read End User Licensing Agreement bellow before downloading !

     2D Misc

Snap Mouse To Grid
2D Text Typer
2D Fade Bitmaps
2D Plasma Sine Wave Screen Wipe
Filled_Circle_Picture Displayer
Unlimited Sprites
Easy Raster Font Creator
Star field
2D Homing Missile Demo
2D Bullet Examples
Street Fighter Styled 2D Floor Scrolling Example

     Scrolling/Tile Maps

2D Scrolling Tile Map Code
2D 8 Way Wrap Scrolling Demo
2D X axis only Scrolling Demo
2D Sine Wave Text Scroller
2D Right To Left Parallax Scrolling

     3D Effects In 2D

3D Perspective Star Field
WOLF 3D Engine Clone, COMPLETELY in 2D
Vector Graphics (FILLED & WIRE FRAME)
3D Fire Lines
3D Dot Sine Waves

     Dot Effects

Crazy Dots (Spheres of Chaos style!!)
Dot Tunnel
Densely Layered 2D Star Field

     Shape Drawing & Effects

Draw / Convert Convex / Concave Polygons to Triangle Lists
Custom Line Draw Function
2D Fast Array based Flood Filler (updated Nov 2003)
2D Ratio Filled Circle
RotZoom (rotation zoomer) with real time Fire
2D Fire Example

     3D Misc

3D Dynamic Object Cache Example
3D Particle System
2D Portal Builder and Viewer For 3D worlds
3D Calc Rotated Points Round An Object
Pause 3D Game Example
3D Get Orthogonal Ground Height From .X Model)
3D Pick Object Selection Code
3D Object Positioning With Mouse
3D Custom Matrix Get Height Function Demo
3D Plasma Cube
3D Get Ground Height From Any Poly
Matrix / Terrain - Find 3d impact point of 2D mouse click on Matrix
Matrix / Terrain Calc Height Map Normals
Matrix / Terrain Line Of Sight

     Collision & Intersections

2D Line IntersectCircle
2D Platform Game Collision (includes scrolling and gravity)
2D/3D Sliding Circle Collision
2D line To Line Intersection
2D Line To Box Intersection
2D Box Math Collision
Fast Point In Triangle Polygon
Point In Polygon (2d Triangles)
Point In Convex Polygon
2D Rotated Box Collision
Sliding Cone Collision Demo Src

     Optimizing (Code Testing / Speed Performance)

Speeding up Get Distance Examples
Binary IF/THEN speed up Example

      Misc / Hacks / Whatever :)

Test Dark Basic Compilers Variable Limits
Delete Static Collision Boxes
Line Count Dark Basic Source Files

      Sorting / Searching & Data Structures

Radix Sorting (32bit +variable versions)
String Cache Functions
Sort Strings
Quick Sort Example Code
Binary Chop Searching

      File System Examples

Recursive Folder Listing (get all files within a folder)
Reading And Writing Massive Files via a Cache

     File Format Loader/Savers

Save 32bit Bitmap 10k (DBPRO only - Updated June 2003)
IFF To Array Loader
IFF To Array Loader & Image Pack
X Object Read / Ripper
Load Bitmap To Array
Numeric Int & Floating Point Text file Decoder

     Input Replacements

Keyboard Defines and Scan Code to ASC II conversion
Custom Scan Code Input Replacement (V0.04)

     2D / 3D Maths / Vectors / Data & Binary Logic

Logic Functions
2D Get Angle
2D Vertex Rotation
2D Point In Front of Line
Common Point Rotation Example

     Parsers and String Functions

Convert Timer Milliseconds to Hours / Min / Seconds
Program Settings Parser (lets you decode a settings file))

     Mini Games:

2D 2 Player Pong This example shows a very basic but working 2 player pong clone. It includes a basic Title Screen, Game Over screen and the actual game.

Release Type: linkware

      The source codes published here are released as linkware . If you use any of source code examples posted here (whole or in part), all we ask, is that you is that place a link back to on your site, or your products documentation. Thank you, We appreciate your support.

     Note: No Person or Company may Redistribute / Sell any file on this site, without explicit written permission.

System Requirements:

Language : Dark Basic or Dark Basic Pro
Processor : P2 450 or Above
Direct X: 7.1 or higher
Ram : 16 Mb
HD space : 512kb
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )


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