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Author Topic: Shamus - The Shadow Case Available  (Read 1620 times)
Development Team

« on: May 19, 2006, 12:49:19 PM »

Shamus - The Shadow Case Available

  The World is under great danger : an Evil Techlord, called 'the SHADOW', is threatening the entire human race. Controlling an Ancient Mystical force, his goals are simple. Rule the world, destroy humanity, and be the king of his own cybernetic empire. But one man, the well-known Cyber Bounty Hunter SHAMUS, stands in his way.  With enough will to fight hords of evil Drones & Bots, Shamus mission is to get through SHADOW's base, find and terminate him.

  Will you help SHAMUS in his dangerous mission ?  

  Download SHAMUS

Development Team

« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 12:00:25 PM »

SHAMUS - The Shadow Case -

Release Date : 07 . 03 . 2003

an UnderwareDesign.com production for the
     (c) 2003


Programming By: Kevin Picone

Artwork: Yann PARMENTIER

Music: Jason Hubble & Yann PARMENTIER

 Shamus was written in only 2 weeks using DarkBASIC classic,way back in 2003 our goal
was to bring some old school playability to the game, and the best out of DarkBASIC we could !

  When I look back on this today (21st, July 2017)  the result shows a real lack of development time
 and real world testing.   The main problem is the games controls and player movement don't really
 suit the lay out of the environments.   While working on the game engine I only had mock up level
 data to test on, which was more open and seemed easier to battle within,  unfortunately for us we
 didn't have all the final art until day or so before submission.   Which meant assembling what we had
 and trying to play test it at the end.    We knew it didn't hit the mark, but  it is what it is..

  Feature wise we managed to include various things into the game that hadn't really been done
 in the  DarkBASIC community at that time (2003),  such as

 - 2.5D Scrolling environment
 - frame rate & resolution independent
 - Light Maps
 -Spatial Partitioning
 - Sliding angled collision
 - Inter object collision and partitioning
 - Roaming AI implementation
 - Respawn points
  - High number of screen objects, thanks to an Object Partitioning system

  Download SHAMUS


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