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Author Topic: Ballistic Blaster Submission Guide  (Read 2483 times)
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Ballistic Blaster Submission Guide

     With the submission deadline rapidly approaching, we're now happy to accept your completed game submissions.

     Remember, the competition closes  12 Midnight on  31st, July, 2007.  So don't be late !   

What to call your Entry

     Please make sure your entry is easily identifiable from the filename.   Using the following format.


      So if I was making a Rygar clone for submission, it'd be called

      'KevinPicone_ Rygar_V001.zip'

Can I Submit more than one version ?

      Yes,  just make sure that if you submit successive versions, that the newer versions use a higher version number in the filename.   We will evaluate the newest working version received prior to the submission deadline.

Before You Submit

      * Does your entry include your ReadMe.txt for the judges ?    (ReadMe.txt Template Attached bellow)

      * Does your entry include the sponsor (UnderwareDesign.com) logo ?   

Submission Read Me Template

  The template is attached to this post bellow.    Please include your finished ReadMe.txt inside your zipped game.  So it won't get lost ! Smiley

Send Submissions To:

      See attached picture for the submission address Smiley

Received Submissions

 * Super Nova  by Phillip Burke    (Status - Working)
 * Cafe Fuego  by Phillip Burke    (Status - Working)
 * Aquarius  by Trevor Dunbar     (Status - Working )
 * UnderSea DeathSquad 7  by Indigo    (Status - Working )


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