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Author Topic: Challenge #29 - Checker Board effect  (Read 287 times)
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« on: October 25, 2017, 08:48:57 AM »

Challenge #29 -  Checker Board effect

   This challenge is to create one of the classic demo scene effects which I refer to as checker board, but it might be called something else (see video for example).  The objective on the surface seems simple, but if you just draw layers of BOX you'll run into fill rate bottlenecks the more layers you add..  So perhaps there's another way of  create the same effect without just drawing all the layers..  

    So for those that take this challenge on, you'll learn many fundamentals ranging from  2d drawing primitives / optimization / culling.  Which will of course l translate into your everyday BASIC programming skills.    

     Good luck !



     As always we'll award   Extra Brownie points to the most creative submissions .


  * Submissions can be written in any version of PlayBASIC
  * Submission can only be accepted in Source Code form only.

  * No external media is permitted for this challenge.

  * Zip up your Submissions and please try to keep it smaller than 500K !

  * Authors automatically give consent for their submission(s) to distributed and used for promotional purposes via UnderwareDesign.com, PlayBasic.com code tank.

  * Authors can submit as many times as they like.

  * To make a submission, zip up your projects and either post it in this thread, or create your own thread in either the Source Codes or Show Case forums and post a link bellow.

Dead Line

     Anytime before the next ice age


     * The best submissions will be periodically highlighted through the PlayBasic IDE news service / News Letters/ FaceBook,  Twitter or the PlayBASIC youtube channel.


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