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I am so surprised because a new competition has started already. The theme looks simple.

It seems that all participants used BASIC dialects to write their games in the last competition. I am not talented enough for this kind of competition. Will any PlayBasic game programmer plan to join the competition?
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Welcome to our 4th Code a Game Competition. Quite an open theme this time around so get your imaginations flowing and create some fun games.

Competition Theme :

TV and Movies.

Pick any film or TV show you want and base a game around it. For example you could base a game around Ghostbusters but call it Ghostdusters instead and have game elements *loosely* based on the film, eg, catching ghosts. Another example could be a TV show like Dallas ( pick your own name ) where you play an oil tycoon and have to fight off other tycoons while keeping all your oil rigs going ( beat-em up ).

Plenty of room for inspiration and to have fun. Good luck to all those that enter.

Limits :

No limitations on how your game is presented.

Of course you can't copy / remake existing games based on movies / tv shows because of copyright or use characters names, images, video, music, sound etc etc from the movie / tv show. Be creative Smiley

Competition length :

10 weeks ( as chosen by our last competition winner, Steve G )
From Jan 30th to April 10th 2018

Rules :

1.. No copyright media or modified pre-built game templates allowed.
2.. Game frameworks are allowed as are free / purchased media.
3.. Individuals and teams are allowed to enter.
4.. Provide a download with at least a Windows executable ( or link if a web browser game only ). Include other OS's too if you want.
5.. Choice of language is totally up to you. You do not have to provide the source code.
6.. One entry per person / team.
7.. Syntaxbomb has zero rights to any work posted here. You / your team hold total control.
8.. Prize to the winners payable via PayPal only.
9.. All entries must be in by 23:59:59 on the 10th of April 2018 ( GMT ). No extensions to the deadline will be granted.

Prizes :

500 split over the top three winners ( 250, 150 and 100 )

Members who want to help with the prize fund can send donations via PayPal to my email address ( <myusername>@syntaxbomb.com ) but are under no obligation to do so.

Prize fund donations :

Steve G - 25
ahuang - 25

How to submit your game :

Game submissions must be made in this thread. You may link to your external webpage or showcase post about your game. If you have no means of hosting your game then please PM Qube and arrangements will be made.

When submitting your game please adhere to the following format ( if relevant ) :

Game Title ( and the tile of the tv show / movie which inspired your game )
Download link and OS requirements
Required dependancies
Brief info about your game
Media information ( If using free / purchased media then please state where you obtained said media. )

How are the winners picked :

Voting will take place from the 11th of April 2018 and a dedicated thread will be made and relevant voting information provided.

Side note : If I enter any competition on SyntaxBomb I will not be part of the winners prize fund. If my entry does get votes then they will just be proxy votes and classed as an honourable / joint place mention. This way I have the option to play along while having zero effect on any entries or winners placements.

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